Editor's Choice Awards

In order to award certain level authors for achieving something beyond the ordinary and making Dark Forces a lot more enjoyable for everyone, I've set up a special award. Lots of magazines have what are known as the "Editor's Choice" awards, in which the editor(s) picks out what items they believe to be the best or that stand out above the rest. The Crow's Nest is hardly a magazine, but I thought that the concept would apply well here.

Editor's Choice AwardWhen you see this graphic next to a level you can be assured that the level is one of the best, and will supply you with lots of fun, challenge and entertainment. The levels that have received the Editor's Choice award are, in alphabetical order:

These awards have no official way of being presented; that is I have no set system by which I decide which levels receive the awards. My decision isn't based upon the rating(although a high rating is a good sign) and has nothing to do with author, date of release, etc. These levels are the ones I think will give you the best bang for your bandwidth, so to speak.

Anyone that reviews a level can feel free to nominate it for an Editor's Choice award. These awards have no bearing on anything else in the Nest, and should have no effect on future reviews of levels by an author either. Just like a first poor level won't bias me against forthcoming efforts, one great level won't make me think higher of the next one. These awards should hopefully stimulate some people to continue with their level efforts, and perhaps get a few other people interested so that we can all continue to enjoy what the authors put out. And if the price is a few increased egos around the world... well, I think we can live with that.

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